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      Switch Stack A:
      Switch 1
      power supply 1
      Switch 2
      power supply 1
      Switch 3
      power supply 1
      power supply 2

          • The number of switches can vary from stack to stack, and the number of power supplies can vary from switch to switch.

      I wrote a LLD discovery rule to discovery all of the members of the stack:
      name: stack unit
      key: stackunit
      snmp oid: discovery[{#STACKUNIT},.]
      I also created a macro: {$STACKUNIT} — no value assigned.

      Now that I can detect the stack units, I want to detect the power supplies in each unit:

      name: powersupplies
      key: powersupply
      snmp oid: discovery[{#POWERSUPPLY},.]

      Next I create an Item prototype to monitor the power supplies:

      Name: Unit {#STACKUNIT} - Power Supply {#POWERSUPPLY} - Status:
      Key: pwrsupply-["{#STACKUNIT}-{#POWERSUPPLY}"]

      It is not working, and I am getting this:

      365:20150805:163334.350 item "pssw00:pwrsupply-["{#STACKUNIT}-1"]" became not supported: snmp_parse_oid(): cannot parse OID ".{#STACKUNIT}.1".

      It doesn't resolve {#STACKUNIT} for some reason.

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