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Graph prototype for more than one LLD item


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      I need to build a graph prototype that could include more than one item prototype in comparison with an static item.

      For example: I have an item that grabs the result of ulimit -n, wich displays the max open fds that a process opened by the user who invoking the ulimit command could open. After that, I have built a simple shell script that counts all opened file descriptors of the processes that I want to monitor. This script is used in conjunction with a discovery rule that gets the name + the PIDs of the processes, assuming this name convention: processname(pid), to make unique item names.

      My goal is to display a graph which contains all file descriptors opened by the monitored processes in comparison with the result of uname -n.
      When I have created the graph prototype with this name: 'Number of open file descriptors by process', the bellow error was displayed in the next loop of discovery rule:

      'Cannot create graph: graph with the same name "Number of open file descriptors by process" already exists.

      After changed the graph prototype name to "Number of file descriptors used by {#PROC_NAME}", the error wasn't displayed anymore and the graph could be created. But it was created with the unique LLD item name. So, for each monitored process, there will be a new graph. This is not what I want.

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