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Allow multiple return values from a UserParameter



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      It would be nice if a UserParameter could return more than one value.

      Take Nagios for example. Their plugins return both a status code (OK, WARN or ALERT) and a text string.
      The status is triggering a notification if needed and the text string is just added to the notification.
      But Zabbix currently doesn't accept these two bits of information from a UserParameter.

      My current task is to monitor a MySQL database replication. I usually have the number of seconds that
      a replication lags behind the master. But things can go wrong and the replication has stopped or I can't
      reach the database or whatever has happened. The shell plugin I wrote knows all these cases
      but cannot properly communicate them to Zabbix. My current workaround is that I return a positive
      number of the number of seconds of replication lag. And -1 if the database is down, -2 if the replication
      has stopped, -3 if I lack permission to access the database and so on. This looks stupid in the graphs.
      So I wished I could return the number of seconds latency as usual but also a general status in the same run
      including a free-form text.

      return value #1: UNDEF seconds lag
      return value #2: status: error
      return value #3: status text: Master database server has become unreachable.

      return value #1: 129 seconds lag
      return value #2: status: ok
      return value #3: status text: -

      Some commands can gather multiple parameters and returning them. But currently Zabbix
      only supports one paramter per UserParameter. As a bad example a shell command may need to be called
      ten times (with the same parameters) to return ten different values.

      Random example:

      UserParameter=mysql.replicationstatus,somecommand | awk '{print $1}'
      UserParameter=mysql.replicationlag,somecommand | awk '{print $2}'
      UserParameter=mysql.replicationposition,somecommand | awk '{print $3}'

      It would be nicer if "somecommand" could just be called once and return three values that Zabbix can deal with.

      Hope this makes any sense.




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