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Zabbix MAP severity filter option


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      Dear Zabbix-Team,

      We would like to open a new RfC for Zabbix, as we think this option is missing in Zabbix and could be very important for other customers as well.
      We are looking for some kind of solution to filter and display certain kind of severity levels for a group of items in different maps.

      Just a little introduction to let you know, why we need this kind of solution. We are planning to use Zabbix in different parts of our organization. One part of a team, our network Operation Center (NOC), is just responsible for the real critical failures in the overall infrastructure. But they are not interested in some kind of less important system errors or warnings... that would be too much detail information for them and would some kind of overload them.
      The other Teams who are using Zabbix, our Specialists of the different System areas, are also interested in some kind of less critical (like major or minor errors) or any informational messages of their systems to be updated all the time.

      Therefore we like to create different Maps in Zabbix, one overall informational map with just critical errors (with not to many details) for our NOC and on the other hand a more detail system map with all available Errors being displayed (like critical, major, minor, warnings, informational....).
      To realize that kind of structure we thought about to setup different kind of triggers with depending severity levels, depending how important they are for our support teams and who should be informed via their map.

      But to display just a subset of defined triggers on a specific map we need some new option to filter the errors displayed on a map based on a minimum level of severity level optionally setup in the MAP view or in the map setup.
      As an example: if a host has 2 trigger problems with Severity "Information" and we have a map which is set to only show Problems with severity "High" or above, then we expect the map to show Status "OK" for the host. On a different map where no filter is set the same Host will show up with 2 Problems.

      We hope this sounds useable for you and others as well?
      We also think this should not be so difficult to implement and fastly built in some new release. It will be for sure applicable and useful for other customers as well.

      Furthermore it would be nice to see some more MAP design options in the near future in Zabbix, which gives you more possibilities to create useful graphical maps.
      Please let us know what you are thinking about and how your solution for us could look like??


      <richlv> specs at https://www.zabbix.org/wiki/Docs/specs/ZBXNEXT-1124

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