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      in zabbix, there currently is no nice way to view all kind of information about a single host in the monitoring section. such a view should be carefully designed to make it flexible from the very beginning.

      such a view would allow to display host realtime data (like gathered values) as well as configuration information (interfaces, group membership, linked templates...)

      the host monitoring view should be flexible and allow to display and arrange all kinds of different information - some sort of a very specialised screen. designing of such a view should take into account features, often requested by users:

      ability to lay out various blocks;
      show item values, including latest values for a single item, items matching an application, items matching a name substring, manually chosen multiple items etc;
      show currently active triggers for a host (with various filtering options like severity, maintenance status etc);
      show configuration information like ips, dns names, templates linked, current status...
      show inventory data by a filter or by manually choosing fields;
      provide links to various other sections that are related to this host, including latest data, trigger status, events, templated screens, custom graphs etc
      provide easy access to host configuration if user has sufficient permissions

      the blocks should be implemented as pluggable modules, so that adding a new block would be as easy as dropping a single file in the zabbix frontend directory.

      all possible views should be customisable by any user. a view could be private for a user or shared with other users. large open question - how to manage them on a larger scale. should they be attached to templates, or maybe to host groups. how would users save them and switch between them. how would they clone and share existing ones.
      this is important because users will want different views for different hosts - what works for a small linux server will not work for a network device with hundreds of ports.

      future blocks might include small scale graphs and other visualisation optionslike gauges etc

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