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      CLOSED 1) Sometimes when I select an interval on the timeline and refresh the page, the timeline bar is pushed back 1 hour.
      2) After network error elements of a screen cease to be updated.
      3) After move a scroll bar to a left position periods "2h", "3h"... are blocked. Elements of the time navigator aren't updated: a) default periods (1h, 2h, 3h, 6h ...), b) steps (<< 2h 1h | 1h 2h >>), c) scroll bar.
      4) Time control can be moved outside of box in event when screen is very big and slow.
      CLOSED 5) In IE8 and IE9 graph zoom works only once.
      6) It is possible to move the timeline out of bounds by dragging it to the right, if the period is longer than two days.
      CLOSED 7) Time navigator should be updated when we click on predefined periods (1h, 2h) or on time shifts (<< ... 1h | 1h ... >>).
      CLOSED 8) When fast click on predefined periods a graph remains to display first period (for example, click 12h then fast click 3h - graph remains on 12h).
      CLOSED 9) Screens items witch dependent from time must be not refreshed if time interval is in past.
      CLOSED 10) Memory leak in Data overview and Trigger overview screen elements.
      CLOSED 11) Undefined index: extAck [include/blocks.inc.php:764] in "Status of host/hostgroup triggers" screen elements.
      CLOSED 12) long term graphs are broken - data is shifted in the past by a year or so (our timeline isn't great here ) - see https://www.zabbix.org/zabbix/history.php?action=showgraph&itemid=623 for example (switch to "all").
      CLOSED 13) Undefined variable: screen [host_screen.php:126] in Host screen page when host is without screens.
      14) The selected time interval is not remembered in the history of log items.
      15) Time control formating issue, when changing period near 1 year, it is possible to select 1y 12m 3d, though it should be 2y 3d.
      16) If selecting time period less than 1h, period is taken as 1h and right side of selection is aligned to right. It would be nice if selection is from left to right, then selection would be aligned to left side.
      CLOSED 17) Problems with graph selection, if graph width is changed in screen edit form. -> fixed in ZBX-5578
      18) Graph horizontal axis date with time 00:00 is missing time part (see attachment 18.png).
      CLOSED 19) Graph sbox selection must work above/below the graph wall area in mousemove event. -> fixed in ZBX-5578 as (1)
      20) The shouldn't be any padding in screens with graphs in IE8.
      21) In IE8 when you select a time interval and let the mouse button go outside of the graph, the interval selection is not applied.
      22) In IE9 when you start to select a time frame on a graph and move the mouse outside of the current graph over a different graph, the selection doesn't move.
      23) regression: open log item history, add another log item. "Item" column appears. wait for automatic refresh - this column disappears

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