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Triggers generated by LLD should have "Configuration of Triggers" in Monitoring/Triggers items


      Trigger events listed in Monitoring/Triggers that were defined as a function of Low Level Discovery do not have a "Configuration of Triggers" link which brings the user to a short list of triggers for the Item in question. One is therefore forced to search through page after page of trigger definitions for the host in question to find the trigger definition of interest. Non-LLD'd triggers don't suffer this deficiency.

      Justification for this is pretty easy: Imagine that you've LLD'd a switch with 500 interfaces, and each interface gets a trigger for Admin status, Oper status, and Errors. That's 1500 triggers. The trigger list for a host doesn't have filtering, so you have to search the actual web pages of trigger lists to find the one you want to disable and/or adjust/override with a clone.

      The lack of this functionality really hurts: normal workflow would be something like "define triggers for everything you LLD, and then disable/modify those that have known exceptional behavior. It is real drudgery searching through long lists!

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