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Host_Groups and Templates



    • Type: New Feature Request
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    • Affects Version/s: 2.0.5
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      Linux Redhat 5.6


      Let's say you have 2 applications, hosted on several windows servers, one of them (server_a) used for both application.

      Let's say you have a template (template_1) for the windows servers of application_1 (controlling ping, DB named DB_APP_1 availability, windows service Service_X status and fileSystem D: use) and an other (template_2) for application_2 (controlling ping, DB named DB_APP_2 availability, windows service Service_Y status and fileSystem E: use)

      It is quite logical to want to have two host_groups, one for application_1 and one for application_2.

      It is also logical, when creating a map with host_group for application_1, to want to see only the triggers corresponding to application_1 (controlling ping, DB named DB_APP_1 availability, windows service Service_X status and fileSystem D: use).
      In other words, it is logical to want to link the host_group to the template for application_1 on windows servers rather that the windows hosts fro application_1.

      Zabbix gives the impression to allow to do so but this is not the way it trully works:

      • if I link the template_1 to the host_group and no host (As I would like to do), then on the map when clicking on the host_group I get to all triggers of all host_groups (when I would like to see only the triggers of template_1 for windows hosts of application_1)
      • If I add to the host_group configuration all the windows hosts of application_1, then when clicking on the host_group item on the map, i see all the triggers for the hosts of application_1, including the triggers linked to application_2 for the hosts that host both application (which is certainly not what I want!!!!)

      To my opinion, It is confusing to give the option in zabbix to link templates to a host_group since there is in fact no link when using maps, and it can be really confusing.
      I believe that would be a great feature if we could choose between linking templates to host_groups (meaning that the triggers linked to the host_group are those of the templates for all hosts linked to these templates) and linking hosts.




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