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triggers should support greater than or equal to (>=) and less than or equal to (<=)


      Note that I searched the issue tracker for more than an hour and couldn't find any similar reports (which really surprises me!). My apologies if this is a duplicate report and I just didn't find what it duplicates.

      With the current trigger implementation, you can't use >= or <= in trigger expressions.

      This causes problems when you want to have two separate triggers related to the value of some item. For example, let's say I want a warning if the ping loss is less than 50%, but I want an error if it's >= 50%. You can't actually do that with current triggers, so you end up
      doing stuff like this:

      trigger #1 expression: {devicename:icmppingloss[,,200,32,1200].last(0)}<50.1
      trigger #2 expression: {devicename:icmppingloss[,,200,32,1200].last(0)}>50.0

      (so there's overlap, and both triggers may fire if the item value is exactly 50.0)

      Or, much worse, you do something like:

      trigger #1 expression: {devicename:icmppingloss[,,200,32,1200].last(0)}<50.0
      trigger #2 expression: {devicename:icmppingloss[,,200,32,1200].last(0)}>50.0

      In which case neither trigger fires if there's exactly 50% packet loss.

      This is even worse when you consider that sites might want to use user macros in their templates, so that the desired threshold might be {$PING_PACKET_LOSS} => 50.0 at the template level. The first case (the overlap) now becomes impossible, unless you define two macros, which is a pretty horrible workaround.

      What's really needed is for both the trigger engine and the frontend expression builder to support both >= and <=, so that multiple trigger expressions can correctly handle ranges with no overlap and especially no gap.

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