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User inputed host, group and network event logging to allow for better event correlation and system documentation


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      As admins make changes to a host/group/network, it would be great if we could manually record these events, then optionally see the events as a filters list and also on the graphs as straight vertical lines, this would allow admins to better correlate the effects of the changes against the items we are monitoring.
      Allow admins to enter textual logs against hosts, groups and at a global level to record activities that are performed against the various entities.
      The logs could go into the database maybe with columns like: entity, entity_type, user, datetime, description
      Add a frontend page to allow viewing of the logs with filters. ( this could be optionally interleaved with any log/logrt entries for that host/group/global )
      Optionally allow viewing of the events on any graph you are viewing at the time.
      This could possibly by tied in using/against maintenance periods?

      I tune a FreeBSD host by adjusting the size of a cache using sysctl so I add an event against that host:
      nfs1, host, andrew, 20130809:23:45, "Adjusted the kern.maxvnodes from 64000 to 128000"

      In a few days I examine some graphs on host nfs1 and I can click on a box to display the events on graph and I can see a vertical line where the change was made and look to see if it has a positive effect.

      This would also give us a place to record what work has been performed against a host of group which would build to give a history on the overall action that have been performed.

      Some other examples:
      Installed new switch
      Upgraded OS
      Installed windows updates
      Replaced HD

      Apologies if this is already possible or a duplicate feature request.

      Many thanks for your time.
      Andrew Barnes

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