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Location for devices and mapping for cellular type of companies (GIS)


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      I would like define a location by Long Lat. We have wireless infrastructure in the field (similar to cellular company). We have equipment on our towers and we would like to be able to pull all the equipment or type of equipment from a given location.

      e.g location = Tower A long = 10.41 lat 61.34

      Device=AP location = "Tower A"

      At the moment we have to build an external DB for this info.

      An extension of the above would be to state the direction of the AP on a tower in terms of azmuith and its beamwidth.
      Normally towers are connected via Backhauls, if I have two towers and connect them via Backhaul, and you know the GPS of each tower you can calculate the azmuith, distance of the link.

      If you know the transmit power and antenna gains, you can run a link budget and calculate the free space loss and calculate the theoretical RX signal, you can then poll the devices to see what the RX level is and add in alert mechanisms.

      You can also generate KMZ files for mapping software like google earth.

      A tower is seen as realestate, add a tower, its height, and then location (height and leg) of each kit to manage the tower.

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