I have a lot of IPMI devices and i want to monitor them, first i thought that i can use IPMI checks in network discovery like for SNMP, but later noticed that zabbix does not have IPMI checks for discovery. I searched for that functionality in documentation for later version and found nothing, searched for same feature request in zabbix Jira and again found nothing.
      I asked about that on community forum and got reply that this is not implemented yet, so i decided to create feature request.
      Also it will be nice to add ability to fetch not only sensors data, but 'fru print', 'chassis status' and 'bmc info' because there may be placed critical information about PSU status and board manufacturer.

      1. ipmitool -H -U ADMIN -E fru print 0
        Board Mfg Date : Mon Jan 1 09:00:00 1996
        Board Mfg : Super Micro
        Board Product : IPMI 2.0
        Board Serial :
        Board Part Number : Winbond Hermon
        Product Manufacturer : Super Micro
        Product Name : IPMI 2.0
        Product Part Number : Winbond Hermon
        Product Serial :
      1. ipmitool -H -U ADMIN -E chassis status
        System Power : on
        Power Overload : false
        Power Interlock : inactive
        Main Power Fault : false
        Power Control Fault : false
        Power Restore Policy : always-off
        Last Power Event : ac-failed
        Chassis Intrusion : inactive
        Front-Panel Lockout : inactive
        Drive Fault : false
        Cooling/Fan Fault : false
        Front Panel Control : none

      Link on the thread:




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