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Make link to already opened page (in config menu) always as a link


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    • 2.4.3
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      For example - I create/enable/disable item/trigger and save changes.
      Top of page I have a green "report" that it was success - very good.
      I've spent a minute to do something different I then returned to the browser and now I would want to refresh the page to see fresh status of entities (items/triggers).

      I cannot just click to "Triggers (6)" because it's not a link.
      Of course it's not a link to indicate that it's currently opened.

      I cannot reload the page by F5 because it will lead to again attempt of entity creation -> error or again disabling/enabling -> is also bad.
      What I do? - I click to, for example, "Items(8)" link and then again click to "Triggers (6)" link to open desired page.
      but .... after many years I understood that's ANNOYING !

      How do you often feel the same ?

      What I suggest - indicate opened page by bolding (or/and coloring) text, but leave it as a link !

      Please !

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