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      Trying to use Host prototypes to discover Virtual Systems that is not VMWare. (In this case Check Point VSX Firewalls)

      I can successfully create the host prototypes for the virtual systems on one host, but not others due to duplicate name. Problem is this is done via SNMP3 Context field, where Context is basically numeric 1, 2, 3.... and due to only having access to host name and visible name fields I have to store this value in the host name field which of course causes problems when adding multiple VSX hosts.

      I suggest you allow creating of macros on host prototypes. This would allow us to use the unique virtual system name as host name, and just store the ID number in a macro which can then be used on the host prototype items to define the SNMP v3 Context. I am sure if added others would also find a use for this.

      Macro would have a fixed name but use {#MACRO} for the value which would be from the discovered data.

      Here is a copy of the discovery data I am currently using to generate these virtual hosts. {#SNMPVALUE} is what I would want to store in the macro as is only unique for a host. {#HV.NAME} is the unique name that can be used for the host name.

      Host 1 data:


      Host 2 data:



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