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Multiple triggers on map icons (1)


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      I could save 50% of my time layering icons if I could have multiple triggers in a single map element, each with their own default and problem icon settings. This way instead of having 3 or 4 items on top of each other each being blank (transparent png) by default and then some colored circle for "problem" all on top of a green circle, I could have one item that by default was green, and if trigger A was problem the icon changes to a yellow one, if trigger B was problem it would change to a red one, etc.

        1. cannot_add_again.png
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          Ivo Kurzemnieks
        2. hostgroup_icons.png
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          Natalja Romancaka
        3. lost_host_name.png
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          Ivo Kurzemnieks
        4. multi_select_and_popup.png
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          Ivo Kurzemnieks
        5. spaces.png
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          Natalja Romancaka
        6. trigger_list_improvements.png
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          Ivo Kurzemnieks
        7. triggers_left.png
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          Vjaceslavs Bogdanovs
        8. triggers.png
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          Natalja Romancaka

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