This is related to ZBXNEXT-922, but I'd like to make this more generic and easy to use. I'd like to see the graphs that Zabbix currently has display some forecasting of what future values might be. Being able to trigger based on these forecasts is also a great feature. This all falls under the "Capacity Management" scope.

      I have a separate app written in Python/Django that gets values from the trending tables in the Zabbix database, displays the last 3 months worth of trends for an item, then displays (in a separate color) the forecast for the item over the next two weeks (variable time-frames). I did this using a Holt-Winters double exponential smoothing algorithm I found code for.

      The result was fairly accurate for a forecast. Again, written in Python, but should be translatable to PHP. The method itself was pretty simple: pass a list of [clock, value] and it returns a list of [clock, value], where clock contains future dates and times.

      I don't know how much work, if any, has been done in this area, but it would be a great feature to have, and one that I personally need. While I have a separate app that does this forecasting, it would be even better if it were built-in to Zabbix. I would be happy to provide any additional information, the Python code for the Holt-Winters algorithm, possibly even some time to implement this (though I haven't worked with PHP in a while).

      Please let me know if there is work being done in this area, or if not, would this be a desired feature for anyone else.




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