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Allow Comments on Issues/Events without Acknowledging


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      It would be useful to have the ability to add a comment to an issue without having to acknowledge it.

      Use Case :
      An issue gets raised
      A script is run to raise an incident in an ITSM tool
      The ITSM tool returns an incident number to the script.
      The script can then update the issue with an incident number without acknowledging the Issue.

      At the same time as the issue gets raised, a notification is sent out.
      The action has a second step that will resend the notification if the issue is not acknowledged after 5 minutes
      The action has a third step that will send the notification to another team member if the issue is still not acknowledged after 15 minutes.

      Currently, the only way to add a comment to the issue is to acknowledge it, which in this case would disrupt the notifications as they would not be sent because the issue has been acknowledged

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