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Auto increase thread number (Server pollers, Agent checkes)


      Zabbix have problem with threads number
      It's needed in manualy adjust thread number on server/proxyes for handle all requests, and zabbix agent, probably, use only one threads for active checks (i don't understand it, why we can't fork new thread for every check?)

      What i mean:
      Zabbix server/proxy can adjust threads number, by threads % busy number.
      threshol = 75.0;
      if (zabbix_poller.pbusy > threshold)

      { zabbix_poller.add_thread; }

      As i think, this can solve problem with not enough threads for handling requests, and this logic can be applicable for all pollers.

      On zabbix-agent, also, as i think and as i understand:
      zabbix agent can just fork every active check in another threads.
      I've a many, many active checks and in some cases, zabbix can't get in time data from it, and queue infinitely grow, its not a cool. As a workaroud i use zabbix passive checks for slow checks, because as i understand, zabbix agent prefork several threads, for handling passive checks.

      Fix me, if i'm wrong in something.

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