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Create "Howtos" section in documentation



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      "Howtos" in documentation
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      Sprint 20


      This task covers creation of "HowTos" section in https://www.zabbix.com/documentation/3.4/playground/playground/howtos and includes the following subtasks included/linked below:

      • 1 Getting started
        • How to add server to monitoring
        • How to configure a user
        • How to create a user group
        • How to define a problem state
        • How to receive a problem notification
        • How to receive a single metric
      • 2 Network discovery
        • How to auto-register an agent device
        • How to discover a file system
        • How to discover a Linux server
        • How to discover a network interface
        • How to discover an SNMP device
        • How to discover a Windows service
        • How to discover SNMP OIDs
      • 3 Service monitoring
        • How to monitor DNS availability
        • How to monitor FTP availability
        • How to monitor HTTP availability
        • How to monitor HTTPS availability
        • How to monitor IMAP availability
        • How to monitor LDAP availability
        • How to monitor NNTP availability
        • How to monitor POP availability
        • How to monitor SMTP availability
        • How to monitor SSH availability
        • How to monitor TCP availability
        • How to monitor Telnet availability
      • 4 Server monitoring
        • How to aggregate metric values
        • How to calculate metric values
        • How to monitor disk statistics
        • How to monitor filesystems
        • How to monitor memory data
        • How to monitor network traffic
        • How to monitor operating system data
        • How to monitor processor load
        • How to monitor sensor readings
        • How to monitor server availability
        • How to monitor SLA
        • How to monitor statistics per process
      • 5 Log file monitoring
        • How to extract values from a log line
        • How to monitor a log file
        • How to monitor a log file with file rotation support
      • 6 Network device monitoring
        • How to monitor an IPMI device
        • How to monitor an SNMP device
      • 7 Web service monitoring
        • How to monitor web page availability
        • How to monitor web page content
      • 8 Virtual machine monitoring
        • How to monitor a VMWare environment
      • 9 Application monitoring
        • How to monitor JBoss
        • How to monitor MySQL
        • How to monitor Nginx
        • How to monitor PosgreSQL
        • How to monitor Tomcat
      • 10 Problem notifications
        • How to execute a remote command
        • How to get notified by e-mail
        • How to get notified by SMS
      • 11 Visualization
        • How to compare several metrics in a graph
        • How to create a custom graph
        • How to create a screen
        • How to create network maps
        • How to view a single-metric graph
      • 12 Templates
        • How to apply a template to host
        • How to create a template
        • How to export a template
        • How to import a template




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