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      In Zabbix, features to navigate within maps are “breadcrums” and “goto submap” menu.

      The feature request is to have the capacity to compose screens that present at the same time : a navigation tree, a map, other contextual element required for monitoring, such as triggers from the map elements, graphs…

      Use case : Have on the map visual cues, logic or operational information such as : group icons within borders, add labels and legends, subtitle maps, add urls…


      The navtree should allow:

      • Identify a top-level, root map
      • Order maps as sublevel maps from the root map
      • Exclude from the navtree all maps that are not related to the root map (ie. Not displaying all maps, or user maps)
      • No limitation in depth of navtree (maps to submaps to submaps… are not limited)
      • Labels in the navtree are configured with each submap (tied to the map name for example)
      • Include text zones, in order to add small labels (tags, short text) or legend (url, multiline) with minimal format capability (font, size, color). This could also be used to propagate map status.
      • Depending on the depth of submaps, the layout could truncate map names in the navtree. A method to resize layout, or to avoid truncation should be designed.

      PoC to be done by Sprint 5.


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