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Rename screens to Dashboard: Create/Edit/Clone Dashboard (Case 2, 5, 8(part 2) )


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      Case 2: Create Dashboard

      Open Monitoring?Dashboard (view action)
      Click 'Create new' in top right corner in menu list
      An empty dashboard opens with overlay dialogue with form with fields Name and Owner. Fill them.
      Click Add
      New Dashboard is opened in edit mode. You can add new widgets to it.
      Click Save changes in top right corner of dashboard
      New Dashboard is saved in database dashboard and is visible in the list

      Case 5: Edit Dashboard settings

      Open Monitoring?Dashboards
      Click on Edit dashboard (1)
      Click on gear icon in dashboard edit controls (2)
      A overlay dialogue opens with option to select dashboard name and owner
      Click Update (3)
      Click Save changes (4)

      Case 8(part 2): Clone Dashboard
      Open dashboard, you want to clone (1)
      Click on 'Clone' in the drop-down menu action list (2)
      New Dashboard with same widgets and name should be opened in edit mode (not yet saved) (3)
      Click Apply and Save changes to add new dashboard (4)

      What permissions user should have to Clone Dashboard? (Screen can be cloned if it has read & write permission for user)
      answer: User can clone also 'only readable' dashboard.

      Should Dashboard Owner be changed during Clone action? (Screen Clone change Owner to current user)
      answer: Change owner to current user as in Screen edit

      Should 'clone' operation copy also Dashboard sharing permissions?
      Dashboard settings is saved to database table dashboard

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