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LDAP authentication: Add/Edit new LDAP server (Screens 2,3)


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      Currently Zabbix frontend communicates with LDAP server with no encryption, but fully encrypted - LDAPS - is also reported as working. Some users complain that the third method - LDAP with StartTLS - does not work, although a small change in the frontend PHP code makes it work. In the screen above, the “Use TLS” field is added to support all 3 methods. On the other hand, the StartTLS method is less secure than LDAPS, as it starts unencrypted, then the client (Zabbix frontend) proposes to LDAP server to switch to TLS. It has to be decided - do we add support of StartTLS method.

      “Test” button checks “Bind” operation - is it successful.

      “Test” button checks “Bind” operation - is it successful.

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