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    • 2.5

      • Each LDAP server can have multiple LDAP searches configured.
      • Search name is a display name (for convenience, technically it is not necessary).
      • LDAP name is a display name of LDAP server.
      • Group Base DN and Group filter - parameters for finding groups.
      • User Base DN and User filter - parameters for finding users.
      • Group search and user search have separate Base DNs and filters. Most likely only one of filters is used. If both are used, then the group filter is applied first, then the user filter is applied to a set of results.
      • Zabbix user type is the type to be assigned for users imported as a result of this LDAP search.
      • Search status is a link for convenient enabling/disabling this LDAP search. (It would be very inconvenient if the only method of temporary disabling a configured search was deleting it).

      LDAP Searches overview screen shows only part of configurable parameters. For full list of parameters see the following screens for adding a new and editing an existing LDAP search.

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