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Zabbix "Problems" Dashboard widget - Show ONLY acknowledged / Show ONLY hosts in maintenance


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      In the dashboard editor on the web portal for our Zabbix instance we have the option to add "Problems" widgets, and inside of these widgets we can select to exclude acknowledged problems and hosts in maintenance. I would like to be able to create another widget or set of widgets that ONLY show acknowledged problems or hosts in maintenance. The use cases are as follows:

      1) If I see a problem in my primary Problems widget (which only shows unacknowledged problems and ignores hosts in maintenance) I assume I need to act on this problem immediately. Therefore, I would look into the issue, and once I have determined what is happening I would acknowledge the issue letting my team know I am still looking into it. However, this would remove it from my main Problems widget (which is the desired result). I would then like to, further down my dashboard, have a widget showing all acknowledged problems for the host groups I am focused on without duplicating problems already displayed by the primary problems widget. The reason being is that sometimes problems can take weeks to fully address (i.e. hardware replacements), and seeing these problems on the main widget is not desired.

      2) For hosts in maintenance, it would be nice to have a way to, in one place, locate all hosts in maintenance in the specific host groups I am focused on (despite what maintenance period they are in) without having to manually dig through all maintenance periods and visually scan for the hosts I might be interested in.

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