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      A new item type should be introduced to allow data retrieval using HTTP/HTTPS protocol:

      1. Both HTTP and HTTPS protocols must be supported
      2. URL must be configurable on item level
      3. HTTP headers must be configurable
      4. Both GET and POST optional payload must be fully configurable
      5. POST payload must support data in JSON format
      6. Zabbix macros
        (user macros, {HOST.IP}, {HOST.CONN}, {HOST.DNS}, {HOST.HOST}, {HOST.NAME}, {ITEM.ID}, {ITEM.KEY}, {ITEM.NAME})

        must be allowed in URL and JSON object values

      7. Existing Zabbix front-end and API methods must be enhanced to support new item type
      8. Accepted comma delimited response code ranges (by default, "200") must be supported. If response code differs, the item will be treated as unsupported
      9. Options to allow following redirects must be supported
      10. HTTP/HTTPS items must support configurable timeout with reasonable default value

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