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Macros in LLD Trapper Item Keys



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    • Ubuntu 14.04
      Zabbix 3.2 (Based on research appears to affect previous and current versions as well)


      I would like the ability to use macros item keys for LLD Item prototypes for trapper items.

      I have read through other issues relating to trappers and using macros (ZBX-5332, ZBX-5715, ZBX-7925, ZBX-9225, ZBX-10009), but none of them involve LLD.

      LLD item prototypes seem to be the only place where allowing macros in trapper item keys makes sense.

      My use case:

      We use a custom discovery parameter to discover service instances for the Microsoft Dynamics Nav Application Tier. The agent based item prototypes for performance monitor works great for metrics that use the service name.

      However some of the performance metrics we want are identified by the process name instead of the service display name (ex. "\.NET CLR Memory(Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Server)# Bytes in all Heaps"

      Due to how Windows handles metrics for multiple instances of the same service/process, we cannot directly poll this information with a Zabbix Item as the key may change every time one of the services is stopped, started or restarted. More information can be found here

      To work around this, we use a script, similar to the custom discovery parameter, to go from Service Name to process ID, then to process instance name. From there we pull the metrics we want and then send them to Zabbix using the service name as part of the item key.

      If we could use LLD to create the trapper items after the service instance was discovered it would simplify management of the Zabbix hosts or template for these systems.

      I hope I have explained this clearly and am open to other solutions. I do realize this is possible with the API, but it would add a level of complexity that I feel is unnecessary.




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