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History view with lots of events and several items needs to be improved


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      this request as a continuation of the ZBX-2201

      After I worked intensively with the monitoring of Windows events log, I decided to write a few serious request. This is the first of them

      In most cases it is meant that the selected multiple items for display, but not only.
      Also it is meant to display the history of windows events logs.

      It would be useful at the bottom of the table to add statistics on how many lines from each items was displayed.
      Also, if limitations defined in the "Search / Filter elements limit" is reached, then need to display a warning (at the bottom of the table) about the limits for each items, because without it is difficult to understand displayed all events or not from range of time and why displayed not all.

      Also another problem: Set a limit of 1000.
      Add in the history two items, which have more than 1000 events each in the selected time period.
      At what first items has 1000 events in the early period, and the second - later towards the end.
      You'll see that actually displays the event on only first item, because it triggered a limit of 1000 in the SQL-request and were returned only the first 1000 events (with a smaller 'id' in the table 'history_log'). This is bad - because quite understand why the events are not visible from the second and other items.

      I propose to consider the proposal - to make individual requests for each item selected in the list. And set limit 1000 for each items individualy and not for all together.
      It should be added the first column with a simple line number - this will facilitate the viewing of a large list and positioning.

      Also very useful would be to add the ability to sort by user not only on the field "id", as well as the "clock" and "timestamp".
      This needed because that under the influence of various factors (I will not dwell on them here) the events may come to the server, not in the same order as they created on Host, when viewing history will not show up in the real sequence.

      And sometimes really, really need to see how events actually occur on the Host in real order with several journals simultaneously. Possibility of manualy user sorting by "clock" and "timestamp" should help in this.
      Also, maybe sorting by default on the field "timestamp" more correct than on the field "id"? Please think about it.
      Maybe position of column "Item" is best with ?3? Why it is between two columns of time? I do not see the logic in this.

      Sorry for my english

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