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trigger severity support in event tags and values


      It would be useful for macros {TRIGGER.NSEVERITY} and {TRIGGER.SEVERITY} to be supported also in event tags and their values, as other macros are according to https://www.zabbix.com/documentation/4.0/manual/appendix/macros/supported_by_location. Then trigger (and problem they generate) severities configured in triggers could be linked also in responsibility matrix, being in preparation ZBXNEXT-4119.

      Use case: IT operations department rule, that problems with lower severities should be visible only for respective host or service technical owners, but higher severities (Disaster, typically), should be visible for whole, or larger part of the team, and variations. This could also have positive impact on number of actions needed to be configured in the ZABBIX system, and better flexibility.

      Workaround: there is possibility to define severity (or anything other), as any other event tag/value, and not use traditional severities defined as mandatory part of the trigger. But this has disadvantage, in maintaining two sets of severities, by two different ways (1. trigger severity, 2. trigger event tag/value), what is not efficient from configuration process point of view, and can confuse unaware user. To avoid this, we could also set all severities in triggers to "Not Classified", but it would be ugly nasty raping way...

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