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Single Sign-on using webserver


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      When Apache Auth directives are configured for all Zabbix frontend pages:

      • As a Zabbix user, after migration from Zabbix 3.X with HTTP enabled, I want it still be impossible to login using Internal/LDAP password without signing in with Apache first.

      When Apache Auth directives are configured only to login_http.php page:

      • As a Zabbix user, I can login with HTTP(using Kerberos or others types) or using Internal/LDAP passwords
      • As a Zabbix admin, I can choose whether to redirect unauthorized users to HTTP login or Zabbix login form


      1. If HTTP auth is enabled:
        1. Any zabbix users, regardless of their user groups, can sign in with HTTP auth if their alias match
        2. It's still must be possible to sign in using standard zabbix login page using Internal or LDAP passwordif web server is setup accordingly)
      2. HTTP auth and standard zabbix login pages must have separate URLs directly accessible.
        1. If HTTP auth is globally disabled, then HTTP auth page must redirect to Internal auth page
      3. It must be possible to remove domain part of the username received from web server. i.e. username@ADNAME becomes just username

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