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Macro to expand at the Nth value of a trigger expression (not item value)


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    • 3.4.10
    • Server (S)
    • SPARC Solaris 10 64bit, MYSQL 5.7.16

      I have a trigger expression for network bandwidth (problem expression: {hostname.domain:net.if.out[igb0].avg(10m)}>500000000}; recovery expression: {hostname.domain:net.if.out[igb0].avg(10m)}<300000000)).

      I want to receive in the alert the value that triggered the event (in this case avg(10m) not value of item at the event time) but there is not macro that i can use.

      In my case, the network bandwidth can increase rapidly (spike) and for 2-3 item values it is above the trigger limit but tha 10 minute average is still under limit. When the average gets above the limit and an alert is sent, the message can contain the item value at that moment but I am interested in the value of the expression at that moment which I can not extract from any macro


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Set a trigger for network bandwidth average (10m) > 500mbs
      2. Set an alert action using macro {ITEM.VALUE} in the message
      3. Generate spike traffic around limit value in such a way that avg (10m) passes limit after several item values
      4. Check alert message on notification


      • ITEM.VALUE<1-9> in message < 500mbs (possibly the value at the time of notification)
      • EXPRESSION.VALUE<1-9> in message >= 500mbs (the value that raised the trigger)

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