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Contains and Equals operators work differently on various Zabbix pages


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    • 3.4.14, 4.0 (plan), 4.2.0alpha1
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      Problems page, tags Filter:
      "Contains" operator is NOT case sensitive. That means if condition is:
      tag Contains aaa
      the result is:
      Problems with tag=aaa and tag=AAA.
      "Equals" operator IS case sensitive, so if condition is:
      tag Equals BBB
      the result is
      Problems with tag=BBB
      and NOT tag=bbb.

      Inventory -> Hosts
      Both "Contains" and "Equals" operators are NOT case sensitive,
      so filter OS contains bbb
      will result with OS=bbb _and _OS=BBB
      the same as filter OS equals bbb.

      Configuration -> Actions -> Create action (All Event sources)
      Both operators "Contains" and "Equals" as much as "Does not contain" and "Does not equal" ARE case sensitive.
      So condition Hostname contains "host" will not match with Host-1.

      Configuration -> Event correlation -> Create correlation
      Both operators "Contains" and "Equals" as much as "Does not contain" and "Does not equal" ARE case sensitive.

      Configuration - > Maintenance -> Create Maintenance -> Hosts and Groups tab. Tags Filter
      Both operators "Contains" and "Equals" ARE case sensitive , which differs also from Problem page tag Filter, so it definitely is a bug.

      Expected result:

      All operators over all Zabbix UI should work consistent.
      "Contains" (also "Does not contain") operator everywhere should not be case sensitive, and
      "Equals" (also "Does not equal") operator should be case sensitive.

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