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Agent config's Include support for excluding files


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    • 2.3.0
    • 1.8.2
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    • I'm specifically working with RHEL 5 at this point. Not sure how this would affect windows, or even debian based packages.

      I'm working on setting up a better default agent config to distribute with our agents. In doing this I'm enabling the include directory. Since we distribute everything with RPMs, including our custom configs, there are situations where we can end up with .rpmsave and .rpmnew files in the Include directory. I tried setting Include to /etc/zabbix/userparams.d/*.conf, but it does not fail silently (thus it would work for me, I'd just rather it failed silently). If I put /etc/zabbix/userparams.d/ and there is nothing in it, but the directory exists, it is silent; but it would grab the .rpm



      So basically one or both of these is what I think would be useful:

      1) Do not pass error to stdout/err if something Include directive doesn't exist. Put it in the log file. This would allow it to be enabled universally, without requiring someone to use it.
      2) Allow some way to provide a list of matches to exclude if Include directive is a directory.

      In the Fedora/RHEL rpm spec file there is a comment at the top regarding this needing to be resolved, but I couldn't find an existing bug that the packager had filed, so I thought I would.

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