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Services - allow use time period selector


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      At the services page, today we have the option to filter by period and this filter is very limited.

      I would like to request an improvement for this filter. 

      Preferable for a customizable filter just like the problems filter where we can set the period from / to . 

      The reason for this is to allow for this page to become more useful for the IT manager. 

      Today my manager request to report every month the availability of our databases, this page perhaps not generate any report could be a perfect solution for me where I get a print from the page, but to keep the track of the exact month to generate the report I have no option unless open it on the last day of the current month and use "this month" period, if I lost this moment I have no way to get this information again.

      I would like to use the "Time period select" there.


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