After migrating my Zabbix from version 3.x to 4.x the time filter selector on graphics and problems become a pain. 

      The idea is good but the options are a mess, very confusing pre-set filters and a great resource was removed which is the "window navigation". 

      My suggestion for improvement is : 

      1) Allow customizing the options shown, this way we can get better use of them. 

      This should be allowed at system scope and allow to override at user profile.

      The idea is a screen where show all options with the period rule at the front and then allow to edit the description and the rule.

      • Last 2 days : now-2d - now
      • Last 7 days : now-7d - now
      • Last  week : now-7d/w - now-7d/w

      2) The "window navigation" option still exists but it works only over the same period selected. 
      I mean the buttons "<" and ">" arround of the "Zoom out" text.

      In the ZBX v3.x , where there a ruler to set the period filter have options to navigate the window in other space of time, like "1d", this way if I'm looking for a behave in a graphic between 00h-03h and want to check how was the behave of this graphic at the same period one, two, three days ago, isn't possible I need to edit manually the filter which is painful. 

      So, my suggestion here is at the same customizable screen requested above, allow to create quick window navigation : 

      • less 1 days : -1d 
      • Less 7 days : -7d
      • Less 1 month : -1M
      • Plus 1 days : +1d 
      • Plus 7 days : +7d
      • Plus 1 month : +1M






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