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      When using external script it would be very nice to have an option to turn on/off the ip/hostname output to the external scripts.

      ex. [-h m123]
      will result in -h m123

      ex. now when I use zabbix, it always output the ip or dns name to my script, that force me to write a wrapper as a layer before my script that iam using for other program aswell.

      writing a wrapper is easy but it slow down the external script process and take alot of resources from server when you have lots of hosts, and its very confusing for new users trying to get external scripts to work.

      ex. add this:

      Auto send ip/hostname: (keep it default on soo backwards function works)

      Make sure {HOSTNAME} still works soo users can insert in other locations.

      And documentation regarding external script need some better explaining to include {IP} {HOSTNAME} and other {} commands there is to use in the [ ] syntax.


            alexei Alexei Vladishev
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