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VMware VM custom attribute value monitoring


    • Sprint 88 (May 2022)
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      Virtual machine custom attribute value monitoring is desired in "Template VM VMware Guest" as a new item. 

      Using VMware vSphere SDK this value can be retrieved from virtual machine properties:

      • VM.Summary.CustomValue.Value


      In order to get the desired VM attribute I have added a new function and relations to these Zabbix source files where all the other functions are written:

      • checks_simple_vmware.c
      • checks_simple_vmware.h
      • checks_simple.c
      • vmware.h
      • vmware.c


      Also added a new item to the template, which main parameters looks like this:

      • Key: vmware.vm.attribute.value[\{$URL},\{HOST.HOST}]
      • Type of information: Character


      Result after configuring and installing Zabbix from my modified source:

      Zabbix server crashes after trying to get the new VM item value. All the other VM properties' items are retrieved correctly as expected and Zabbix server does not crash when new item "vmware.vm.attribute.value[\{$URL},\{HOST.HOST}]" is disabled. 


      Possible problem causes:

      • I have not modified some files that are important
      • My new function to retrieve "VM.Summary.CustomValue.Value" is incorrect in the file checks_simple_vmware.c (I don't have experience coding in C language)


      Modified files are attached. I would like to ask to develop (or help me to develop) this new feature.

        1. checks_simple_vmware.c
          93 kB
        2. checks_simple_vmware.h
          10 kB
        3. checks_simple.c
          9 kB
        4. vmware.c
          226 kB
        5. vmware.h
          9 kB

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