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Zabbix UI and API must not keep any local states like PHP sessionid


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    • Sprint 64 (May 2020), Sprint 65 (Jun 2020), Sprint 66 (Jul 2020), Sprint 67 (Aug 2020), Sprint 68 (Sep 2020), Sprint 69 (Oct 2020)
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      Currently it is impossible to deploy Zabbix UI and API for HA and load balancing (for example, one HAProxy + several Zabbix UI backends) because of use of PHP sessionid, which is stored in a local memory. This limitations must be removed.


      It must be possible to deploy several Zabbix UI for load balancing purposes. We must get rid of storage of any local state on PHP side including PHP sessionid. If possible, we should get rid of using PHP sessionid altogether for better performance.

      Use cases

      1. I want to have load balancing for Zabbix UI and API

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