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Add Host context menu to hosts listed on "Web monitoring" page


    • Sprint 67 (Aug 2020)
    • 0.25

      I miss the Host Context Menu in the Web monitoring view. This is a very good Zabbix feature, that for some reason isn't available in this view.

      To quote dimir from ZBXNEXT-5694:

      Question, probably to Valdis Murzins: Do you know why the host context menu is not available in the "Web monitoring" view? I mean, if you got to "Monitoring -> Hosts" you get a list of hosts, each is clickable for a context menu. If you then enter a web monitoring page by clicking "Web" from that context menu you get another list of hosts. But these hosts are not clickable.
      Users find this context menu very useful, for example, if you want to change something in a web scenario you can't go directly to host configuration if you are on the "Web monitoring" page. Suggestion:

      • Add context menu to hosts listed on "Web monitoring" page with "Web" entry disabled (because we're already there)

      And the answer from vmurzins:

      I agree that context menu in Web monitoring view can be useful.
      As to answering, "why" it was not added: Context menu was not there before and this task was not making any changes in Web monitoring page. It changed only links to that page.
      This is definitely a feature request that you can create.

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