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      Time formatting macro function

      Time formatting macro function fmttime  will be added to allow custom time formats. It will be usable with {TIME} macro.

      Usage: fmttime(<format>, <time_shift>) 

      • <format>  - mandatory format string, compatible with strftime function formatting.
      • <time_shift>  - the time shift applied to the time before formatting: -<N><time unit> , where
        • <N>  - the number of time units to subtract
        • <time unit>  - the time unit: h (hour), d (day), w (week), M (month) and y (year).

      For example: fmttime(%B,-1M) 

      Number formatting macro function

      Number formatting macro function fmtnum  will be added to control the number of digits printed after the decimal point.

      Usage: fmtnum(<digits>) 

      • <digits>  - the number of digits after decimal point. No trailing zeros will be produced.

      For example: fmtnum(2) 

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