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Zabbix device centric tree Organizer, based on the groups hierarchy and the inheritance + data presentation in a table + disabling alerts for all devices behind key node, which are located in lower-level groups.



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      Shortly: Zabbix is lacking two very important things: any organizer like - group+ devices orientated tree and the table presentation for any data (devices, latest data etc.).

      I would suggest the improve Zabbix frontend and probably to do something about fake alerting for the devices based on groups hierarchy.

      If we try to compare Zabbix frontend with another monitoring systems we can see that Zabbix does not have any organizers. For instance, we have about 1000-2000 devices segregated by groups like ou can se below, due to needs of hierarchy and inheritance for creating the tickets according to groups for different teams:

      ABC/SiteA1 Node.suffix/
      ABC/SiteA1 Node.suffix/SiteA2 Node.suffix/
      ABC/SiteA1 Node.suffix/SiteA2 Node.suffix/SiteA3 Node.suffix

      ABC/SiteB1 Node.suffix/
      ABC/SiteB1 Node.suffix/SiteB2 Node.suffix/
      ABC/SiteB1 Node.suffix/SiteB2 Node.suffix/SiteB3 Node.suffix


      Enterprise/SiteB3 Node.suffix
      Enterprise/SiteB3 Node.suffix

      For type of devices

      All devices have the unique name like RTR-HOP-MKT-1.GHS-DDN-DTJ with unique suffix, which is related to the Node an Site. If we need to find any group or any device, we have to search by suffixes and go through the list of showing devices and trying to find needed device.

      If we do not have any external list of groups (suffixes) we need to search for all groups and go Especially huge list of groups or devises. This is not visual and hard to find any device or group. Especially, if you are at first time in Zabbix and do not have any external documentations and scheme. Moreover, the general main search does not work for the Maps and you would need to go in the Maps and search them separately. If we named any group or device wrong it would be very hard to find it after.

      it can be solved by the tree of groups and showing the devices in this tree for navigation with the list of devices in the table. The table representation any data in Zabbix is not possible either. It can be solved partially by Latest Data, but this functionality was removed in the Zabbix 5.4 too.

      Zabbix partially has something like this in the hierarchic maps. Unfortunately, you would need to build all your maps an keep them updated and organised. Another issue in our case is, at the end of ray of a star we have Enterprise client maps and all alerts from this maps (groups) should be shown for another team, but at the same time we need these maps for keeping the devices organized. In this case we are building two maps trees, and put on the map the Image instead of the map and put the url for the Enterprise maps, which is some extra work.

      We can see the prototype of tree + table representation in some of monitoring systems like Zenoss or Ubiquity UISP.

      On the screenshots you can see the representation of the infrastructure in Zenoss, where we used the locations like groups in Zabbix and the data representation for WiFi AP + clients SU (in the same way we can see file systems, interfaces etc.)


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