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Audit log filtering by clicking on "ID" on "Recordset ID" is not intuitive - filter should be opened after the click


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    • 6.0.0alpha1
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      Problem description: In audit log, after implementation of ZBXNEX-6775, when clicking on "ID" on "Recordset ID" of some record a filter gets applied - only the records that have the corresponding "ID" on "Recordset ID" are returned in the list, but if the user has the Time selector opened instead of the filter, he will not see that the filter is applied at all.
      During testing almost everyone fell for this and we agreed that it would be much more user friendly if the "Filter" tab would get opened after clicking on some "ID" on "Recordset ID" to show the user that a filter was applied.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Make a couple of different actions that should trigger generation of an audit log record
      2. Open Reports => Audit section
      3. Click on any "ID" or "Recordset ID"

      Result: Now the list displays only the records that have the corresponding "ID" or "Recordset ID", but the filter is not displayed to the user, so he might be not aware of such filtering at all.
      Expected: It would be much more user fiendly if after clicking on a "ID" on "Recordset ID" field the filter tab would be opened instead of the time selector.

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