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throttling with triggering support



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      As we know, triggers are not evaluated for discarded values in item preprocessing https://www.zabbix.com/documentation/current/manual/config/items/preprocessing#configuration.

      The disadvantage is, that when e.g. trigger expression or/and threshold is changed, the change is not applied immediately when discard preprocessing configured, it may take a long time or never occur when values do not change.

      Workaround: temporary discarding disablement or shortening discarding period, but it requires further manual actions, deeper ZBX expertise and permission to change root template, not forgetting to return back the configuration ... which is not very scalable from organization point of view.

      Maybe this could be revisited, as maybe there are also more options offering yet more fine tuned configuration, e.g.:

      • triggers only on discarded last value could be (optionally?) evaluated without need to write it to DB, directly from value cache
      • this could be further optimized in case value cache could store multiple values (history) for the same item, needed for evaluation for all triggers bound to that item

      This could e.g. mean to have 4 types of discarding instead of 2:

      • Discard unchanged
      • Discard unchanged with heartbeat
      • Discard unchanged with trigger evaluation
      • Discard unchanged with heartbeat and trigger evaluation

      Or just let 2 discarding options, but with add trigger evaluation to existing discarding functionality, but this may not be wanted in some scenarios on the other way, and may bring unneeded performance expense in some cases, an also break other logic in place ...

      Other option: trigger expressions reevaluation on any change of that trigger or macro used in it.




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