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Keep zabbix agent 2 configuration on restart


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    • 5.4.5
    • Agent2 plugin (N)
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      Steps to reproduce:

      we are talking about zabbix agent2
      on the client the following settings:

      EnablePersistentBuffer = 1
      PersistentBufferPeriod = 1d
      PersistentBufferFile = /var/spool/zabbix/agent.db

      when the tcp connection is lost and resumed, everything works normally.
      BUT if the client computer was working, then network disconected manualy and after some time, reboot.
      the collection of new metrics will not occur.
      and when the connection is restored, the data that was collected before the reboot is sent to the server.
      **it is clear that this is a feature of the "active agent" check type


      Is it possible to make a key in config - which allows persistentBufferFile to persist store
      data about the last successful set of metrics.
      and when starting a client without a network, the agent would continue to collect the necessary metrics.


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