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Extend SERVICE.NAME.NOT_MATCHES in Windows Services template


    • Sprint 82 (Nov 2021), Sprint 83 (Dec 2021), Sprint 84 (Jan 2022), Sprint 85 (Feb 2022), Sprint 86 (Mar 2022)
    • 0.25

      The {$SERVICE.NAME.NOT_MATCHES} macro of the Windows services by Zabbix agent template (and Windows services by Zabbix agent active template) should be extended to include a few additional services that, in all likelihood, do not need to be monitored in the majority of cases.

      There are a few services which are created on a per-user basis and, while they are set for automatic startup, will only run while the corresponding user is signed in (the * denotes a short identifying string that's different for each user):

      • CDPUserSvc_.*
      • WpnUserService_.*
      • OneSyncSvc_*

      Without filtering for these, what tends to happen is that each host has a bunch of services discovered, then failed to be discovered as soon as the user signs out.

      Some additional services (which despite their behaviour are set to automatic startup) that can be removed are:

      • WbioSrvc, the Windows Biometrics Service, which seems to only run when a user is signed in.
      • BITS, which only seems to run on regular intervals and be stopped the rest of the time.
      • tiledatamodelsvc, which only seems to run when a user is signed in.
      • GISvc, VMware App Defense, which does not seem to be running all of the time.
      • ShellHWDetection, which only seems to run when a user is signed in.
      • TrustedInstaller, which only seems to run when something is being installed.
      • TabletInputService, not useful other than for tablet devices
      • CDPSvc, which only seems to run when a user is signed in.

      YMMV when it comes to these services; perhaps some of these are not working as expected on our hosts and I've incorrectly understood their workings.  But at the least, this is the list of additional strings I've added to {$SERVICE.NAME.NOT_MATCHES} to clean up the list of detected services and our Problems list, and I've found it to work well.

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