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The exit status of "executed scripts" should be available as item value


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      If I am not mistaken, then the "exit status" of execute scripts via the "SSH agent" is not available as item value. At least, I could not find any documentation about it.

      As new Zabbix user, I was very confused that I had to configure an "executed script" item to have textual value, and then later configure a trigger that basically searches the output for a certain string (e.g., find(/Systemd via SSH/ssh.run[check-systemd-units-via-ssh,"\{HOST.CONN}","\{$SSH_PORT}",utf8],,,"failed")=1).

      What I would have expected is that I can configure a script, that returns '0' if everything is alright, and that returns a non-zero exit status if something is wrong. Then I could simply configure a trigger based on a non-zero exit status of the executed script.


      Hence, what I ask here as feature request is:

      1. It should be possible to record the exit status of the executed script as the item's value
      2. The textual output of the script should be available as "operational data"

      Especially 2. would be very nice to have, as the integer value of the exit status is not able to store much contextual information. Ideally, if the trigger fires, the Zabbix users would be additional presented with the textual output of the script, to get a clear, or, at least, better picture of what went wrong.

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