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Expand more than one menu at the same time in Zabbix frontend


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    • 5.4.10
    • Frontend (F)
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    • Zabbix 5.4.x
      Debian 11 amd64
      MariaDB 10.5

      Since the redesign of the Zabbix main menu on the left side, it bothers me, that I'm only able to expand one of the five main menus at the same time. In our IT department we are allowed to have big screens with a high resolution and it's pretty annoying, that every time you click a menu, all other menus collapse.
      I would therefore propose, that menus open and collapse when you click them, so that if you have enough screen space, you could see all five menus at the same time, instead of only one.
      Or in other words, please don't close an already expanded menu, just because I click on another one.

            vmurzins Valdis Murzins
            starko Marco Hofmann
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