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Feedback and Request For Latest Data Page Subfilter



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      A suggestion after running Zabbix 6.0.4 for a bit:

      This is an extension to the long discussion found in ZBXNEXT-6687.

      First, the tag filtering and the subfilter rows is phenomenal. The template we use for our custom software has 35 unique "Application" tag:value pairs, so it's nice to be able to just see all 35 right there. After applications went away most of my users had no idea what to plug into the tag:value field (even though I tried to choose simple and intuitive tag:value pairs )

      The only request I have is if there is a possibility, when you click the value of a host, or tag value, to apply that request to a new URL? The equivalent being typing the tag:value directly into the form and clicking apply or choosing a host/hostgroup from the filter and click apply. The default, and the documentation does state this, that the filters only apply the results (default is 1000 set by Zabbix, but we set ours to 2500). I tried increasing that number to 50000 and of course I got more results to work with, but the performance hit was big. I, like @alexei ,also want to make sure our Zabbix instance is performant as this is another big complaint of users of any metric tool.

      Maybe this could be made possible with an extra checkbox option at the top. Something like:

      "Get new results from selected filter"

      So if I select a host, it generates a new URL request using the existing URL and simply adds the &hostid=<hostid of selected host> and executes a new CURL. Same idea for tag:value pairs.

      Doing this shouldn't make things any less performant since we're just extending the click filtering into a new CURL.





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