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      I have created a template which contains running an external script to check if a route change has been detected.
      We use redundant connections and want to monitor which connection is the active one. Therefore a script checks wich of two given IP addresses is found in a traceroute output.
      The following macros have been added in that template:


      The result of the external script can be:
      0 = error
      1 = route 1 active
      2 = route 2 active

      I wanted to use “value mapping” to translate the result to a more human readable result to show in “latest data”.
      Therefore I created this value mapping in the template:

      equals 0 = Error
      equals 1 = {$IPROUTE1NAME}
      equals 2 = {$IPROUTE2NAME}

      At some host I have these macros defined:

      {$IPROUTE1NAME} = Glasvezel

      The result is that in latest data of the host this is shown when route 1 is the active one:

      {$IPROUTE1NAME} (1)

      instead of the wanted/expected:

      Glasvezel (1)

      Can it be made possible to use macros in value mappings?

            wiper Andris Zeila
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