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Zabbix 6.2+ "Services -> Services" configurable Dashboard Widget -> Grafana



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    • Currently Zabbix 6.2.6, when released 6.4.x


      Dear team,

      we currently must use aggregate functions for e.g. 8 ESXi hosts where 50% should not have any issues. To display these statuses we had to configure triggers for these aggregation (calculations) to meassure or count their availability and much more.

      We are using the regular trigger problem function (Disaster in this case), if less than 50% of these hosts are available, towards a Grafana Dashboard with the existing Grafana Zabbix Plugin for our 24-7 Service Desk. We do not want the 24-7 Service Desk nor any customers to access our monitoring system in any way. So far so good.

      Now and new in Version 6.x we finally have configurable Services, Service Actions and also SLA reports for our managers.

      We now have configured parent and child services as it is A LOT easier with even more possibilities, without the need of complex aggregate function configurations. So now when we click on "Services/Services", we are able to see them. Great. We now also have Service actions to inform whoever needs to be informed. Top.


      We would now kindly request the following features:


      1) Let us display our Services in a configurable Services Dashboard Widget.

      It would be nice to only see the parent services if everything is ok, but expand a service view as soon as the parent status changes its status. Make this configurable if wanted or not. Include the counts or percentages to this view.

      Reason is, what kind of sense does it make if no supporter or manager is able to see all of our newly configured services and their statuses as they all follow status changes on big hallway monitors with e.g. the problems view widget for the regular hosts.

      2) Connect these possible Services problems, if a parent service changes its status to e.g. Disaster, to the regular problem view so supporters and managers are able to actually see possible problems in the regular problem view of the dashboard including the root cause. Or include this feature to a seperate Services view widget. Currently, Service Problems are not showing up in any other view.


      With this feature we would be able to display Services issues via the Grafana Zabbix plugin for our 24-7 service desk which would save us a lot of time and work with complex aggregate funtions to display these special issues.


      Thank you very much.




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