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Agent based Azure Discovery / Check Items




      Is it possible to enhance the Zabbix Agent and have it interact with the Azure Instance Metadata Service


      This can provide the following benefits:

      • By authenticating with the Managed Identity of the VM, the potential to be throttled by the Azure Management service is reduced
        • the way the existing template functions with defaults, throttling issues would start to occur if Zabbix starts polling more than 2000 Azure resources using the same inherited service principal
          • 2000 resources × 6 polls per hour (10 minute polling interval) = 12000 polls per hour.  Documented limit is 12000 reads per security principal, per subscription
        • Using the IMDS, at least the VMs don't need to factor into this count, as they would authenticate using their own managed identity
      • By polling the instance endpoint with LLD, the same discovery data the existing Azure template uses can be discovered from the VM itself without requiring the Zabbix Server/Proxy to also be granted access to the Azure portal,
        • This could augment the passed HostMetadataItem the agent passes for autoregistration
      • Polling the scheduled events endpoint would allow Zabbix to alert on events received from the VM without having to query the Activity Log
        • Whether an Azure Spot machine is being deallocated/deleted by the platform
        • Whether the platform has scheduled a reboot or redeploy


      Can the Agent be configured with a native plugin to interact with the IMDS, and an associated template be created/augmented for discovery and alerting?



      Note: this exists for AWS as well; I don't have enough familiarity with the AWS IMDS to detail a separate request though.




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